The Walking Dead

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Came across during a night of some insomnia recently. Pretty good for some mindless entertainment, especially if you're into zombies

I read an interesting article about how this show is so successful in the male 18 - 35 demographic, it now faces a dilemma of do we push the envelope at risk of going off-track, but with the potential for an even greater show (the article sited The Sopranos and Lost as shows that did this), or do we stay the course and keep some of the more frustrating plot elements (most of the ones they mentioned i was fine with as a viewer, I'm no critic).  I just hope it stays on.

The midseason finale last season (I believe it was episode 7) was the best hour of fictional television I have seen.  Granted, I don't watch ANYTHING.  I love zombie stuff though.  It's the only thing that actually scares me.  Katie and I are watching it every Sunday so far.

I just noticed that you said you haven't seen the others.  Don't watch the episode I mentioned on its own, it won't be as satisfying.  You can watch them at Project Free Tv online, or rent them/buy them on iTunes.  Worth it :)